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1. Our Senseless Toil–Viktor Schauberger; This was the first book written by Viktor Schauberger and was first published in 1933 (in German). It is a criticism of contemporary ideas of science and technology. It is also a prophesy of the eventual collapse of our civilization due to its arrogant and destructive attempts to control Nature, and its inability to understand how all of life is interconnected and interdependent.

2. Living Energies–Callum Coats; Why are so many species of plants and animals disappearing? How is it that the Earth is losing more fresh water than it’s producing? What are the effects of chlorination and fluoridation? The answers to these and many more pressing environmental questions can be found in this book – the first in-depth examination of the life and work of the brilliant forester, scientist and pioneering inventor, Viktor Schauberger. Schauberger’s insights into Nature pivoted on the essential characteristics of water as a living and pulsating substance that energizes all of life, both organic and inorganic. He frequently asserted, “”Water is a living substance!””–an ideal to which many others have subscribed. With his ground-breaking concepts on energy, biomagnetism and the true function of trees, he showed how a world that exploited its resources rather than cherishing them was doomed to destroy itself. Above all, he demonstrated how Nature’s abundance is the result of a complex interaction of energies that actually create matter, not the other way around as orthodox science believes. For him energy was primary, and physical form the secondary effect.

3. The Water Wizard–Viktor Schauberger; This is from the “Eco-Technology” series and provides an in depth look at the theories of Viktor Schauberger and amplified by Callum Coats. Although it contains information from Living Energies (Calllum Coat’s first Schauberger book), the subject matter is much more thoroughly covered. The book covers the substance of water, water supply, deep-sea water, the consequences of drinking purely mechanically treated water, notes on the secrets of water, high-frequency water, the pulsation and healing power of water, river regulation, groundwater tables, temperature and the movement of water. The book contains vast amounts of information on water that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere and is a very good start for understanding Schauberger’s theories.

4. The Energy Evolution–Viktor Schauberger; Also from the Eco-Technology series. Nature produces energy by slow, cool, implosive means – by a centripetal inward motion, while our present culture uses explosive centrifugal (outwards) movement, which is wasteful and many times less powerful and effective. It also uses up the Earth’s resources and pollutes her ecosystems. This volume describes different kinds of energy machines which depend on the principle of implosion: a spring water-producing machine, a tornado home energy generator, a Klimator which produces mountain-quality air, the biotechnical submarine and a technique for producing power from the depths of the ocean.

5. Nature As Teacher–Viktor Schauberger; From the Eco-Technology series. Details Schauberger’s thinking about environmental catastrophe. It includes correspondence with contemporaries and, in particular, his feelings of frustration at the blindness of those in mainstream science who seemed to him to be more concerned with their own welfare and pride than with the fate of humanity. This volume gives tremendous insight into what is happening on the Earth today and presents practical solutions on how we may yet save our precious world.

6. Living Water–Olof Alexandersson; A biographical account of the pioneering Austrian naturalist and iconoclast who pointed the way to a completely new understanding of the vast potential of natural energy. Included as well are his various interests and experiments. By studying fish in streams and by closely observing the natural water cycle, Viktor Schauberger (18851958) was able to solve basic problems of energy transformation. He saw that modern man, without realizing it, was destroying the Earth and sabotaging his own cultures by working against Nature. All the prevailing methods of energy generation – from hydro-electric to nuclear fission – produce harmful long-term effects on the environment and encourage disease. Schauberger had a clear vision of how fertility could be restored and pollution eliminated. As an inventor, Schauberger developed a number of ingenious machines which would revolutionize farming, horticulture, forestry and aircraft propulsion. He developed water purification systems, and showed how air and water could be harnessed as fuels for many machines. His discovery of implosive energy and diamagnetism had many practical applications, most of which have yet to be developed.

7. Hidden Nature–Alick Bartholomew;  This book pioneers a new Science of Nature by offering striking new arguments against GM technologies. It proposes solutions to our energy needs. It includes a foreword by David Bellamy, Austrian naturalist. Viktor Schauberger was far ahead of his time. From his unusually detailed observations of the natural world, he pioneered a completely new understanding of how nature works. He also foresaw, and tried to warn against, the global waste and ecological destruction of our age. This book describes and explains Schauberger’s insights in contemporary, accessible language. His remarkable discoveries – which address issues such as sick water, ailing forests, climate change and, above all, renewable energy – have dramatic implications for how we should work with nature and its resources.

8. The Fertile Earth–Viktor Schauberger; From the Eco-Technology series. How does Nature work? When one looks closely at the enormously complex web of life, it is impossible not to be caught by the wonder of how all living things – including rocks and crystals – are interconnected. Just as there is thought behind action, so there is energy behind matter. Schauberger was able to demonstrate how Nature works because he’d been able to observe and describe how its energies manifest and produce the material world.

9. Implosion–Riley Hansard Crabb, compiler/editor; a collection of articles by various authors on the work of Viktor Schauberger.

10. The Magic And Majesty of Water–Callum Coats. April 1997 article from Nexus Magazine on the work of Viktor Schauberger.

11. Self-Organizing Flow Technology (Institute of Ecological Technology-Sweden)–a technical paper on flow dynamics for specialists in the field of fluid mechanics and water research.

12. New Water For A Thirsty World–Michael H. Salzman; The story of a hydro-geologist named Stephan Riess who discovered that there is new water continually being created in the depths of the Earth that is not part of the hydrologic cycle and is adding much needed water to the world.

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