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The Fourth Phase of Water


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The Biotite™ brand of products was introduced in 2013. However, the original formulation was invented in the 1960s and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people since then.

Our products are in the marketplace as we have come to understand that we are entering a new era, based on going beyond the three dimensions of space and the three states of water. As children, we learned that water can be found in solid form; ice. It can also be found as a liquid; water and lastly, it can be found as a gas or vapor; steam. However, it’s been discovered that there’s another state of water and this fourth state is a liquid crystal matrix of ordered, highly structured molecules that form a vast multi-dimensional lattice. This structure gives water many unusual characteristics and we’re only in the very beginning stages of co-creating new harmonies and energies with this new understanding of structured water.
Our mission is to investigate, research, test and bring to market products that include these parameters:

Abiding concern for Mother Earth.
Programs to resuscitate peoples and planet.
Revive and restore, wherever possible, natural bodies of polluted waters such as ponds, lakes and reservoirs, thereby providing clean water to those who need it.
Introduce innovative, non-harming ideas and technologies.
Provide ongoing educational materials for the general public, institutions, healthcare providers and researchers regarding all the products marketed by the company.
Foster and support ongoing internal research always bringing to light new information about ancient, recent or current understanding of water and the other natural elements that surround us and the total abundance of Nature available to all.
Encourage other individuals and companies to model wholistic, caring patterns that reduce and/or eliminate harm to Mother Nature.

Please visit our FAQ pages to learn more. Feel free to Contact Us with questions, comments, ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

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