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 The Fourth Phase of Water
Formed in 2013, Biotite™ is on a mission to bring new products and technologies into the market place that beneficially influence both people and planet, keeping environmental harm to a minimum or eliminating it wherever possible. To help clean up the Earth’s waters, Biotite™, to the best of our knowledge, is the only product of it’s kind. To get more in depth information about it please visit our FAQ pages.
Included in this view is the understanding that polluted areas can be beneficially impacted by the use of these technologies even in cases where the pollution has been on going for a long time. In addition, whenever there’s an opportunity to improve ecology, air, water or earth, we intend to investigate it and educate others about it. As of 2014, we began offering three products in the retail market place and several others for both the industrial and commercial markets. For retailers, for customer accounts, for professionals and practitioners and for individuals who would like to improve their water intake, these three products are: 2oz Biotite Concentrate™, 32oz Biotite Concentrate™ and the Mountain Spring Filtration System (see photos below).
Our research continues to unfold, allowing us to uncover solutions to the various ecological issues that we all face today. Whenever we find such an issue, we invariably find that somewhere, someone knows how to resolve it, reducing the harm being caused or eliminating it entirely. Continuing to focus on our concern for Mother Earth is a priority and will remain so for the indefinite future. We are always on the look out for like-minded individuals who share our concerns, keeping an open mind on matters both large and small and not assuming that “we have all the answers” and there’s nothing else to do. The experimentation, exploration and questioning we pursue is for the welfare of all and not just ourselves. In keeping with this understanding, we forge new partnerships with other concerned individuals, finding ever new ways to meet the challenges of the day and uncovering the great gifts that we all share.  We also make available some remarkable information on our Free Offer page for those interested in finding out about non-commercial, non-corporate, non-academic ways of knowing. The free ebooks listed there have a wealth of information for those whose inquiries into the nature of our lives and our world are open to being expanded, enhanced and refined.


                                                                                              2oz Biotite™ (Travel size)………….$19.95


32oz Biotite™ (Family size)………………$109.95


Mountain Spring Filtration System……………$219.95

For further information on these products, please visit our FAQ and Contact Us pages.

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